Here we go. 

More images from the last few days, including the locations of the last few days. Know order I’m tired ahahahahahahaa. 

Well. It’s Saturday and I’ve treated myself to a night in a hostel in Keflavik, this means a clean bed, shower and I’m going to watch a bit of TV.. I’m sat in the bar where everything is half price, after Reykjavic I’m pleasantly surprised and embrace the cold beer … Warmly.  Last day tomoz, early flight out at 5am so planning to just chill. Great time, I shall be coming back for sure.

Well it’s Friday evening and I’ve just got back into Rekyjavik after shooting kirkjufell. Going to spend the day in Rekyjavik tomoz before travelling to Keflavik for my last day before I come home. It’s been incredible. Wish it hasn’t rained so much though. 

The weather has been appalling and I’ve not managed to get the Nikon out much due to it. But tomoz is another day and the WX is given to improve. So off to kirkjufell it is then. 

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