About Steve Bradburn. 

Maritime history  

                  Early Years. 

Born into a Service Family and lifestyle In Helston, Cornwall I moved around a lot. Failed miserably in school with poor support (in most cases) from my teachers who labeled me “Thick”. At 29 I was formally diagnosed with Dyslexia and a light came on. 

Obtained my Dan grade in Shotokan Karate and developed grades in other styles, Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Ken-Jutsu and taught these styles. 

Studied Music in London and started a media Arts company for persons with Disabilities, partnered with the Eden Project to create Art installations inspired by Chris Drury and Andy Goldsworthy. Got married and Devorced and travelled the Globe and in 2004 completed a Pilgrimage to Santiago De Compestella on the famous “Camino”.

Travelled Japan and a visit to the cave and grave of Myamotto Musashi. Came back to Plymouth, Quickly became disillusioned with the UN-policed behaviour of local yobs and haven dealt with the local crime personally. Completed the “Three Peaks Challenge” in 23hrs. Retired to Salcombe in a bid to get away from “Bad People”.  Learnt to restore classic wooden sail boats and began a large development  of my persona.  Joined the RNLI and served for several years. Further I obtained my Yachtmaster and HELMS and GOC and my large experience was developed Offshore as AB then Coxswain of a 20 meter SAR jet drive vessel in the North Sea. I further went on to be Master of various Sea going vessels from Windfarm vessels to Tug boats and Ferries. I was to become a very capable maritime individual but once again my experience with working with bad people saw me near breaking point when I was being forced to work illegally. I soon realised not too many people held the same ideals I did. Namely RWE, Centrica, Dong, BP, these all contributed to a dangerous and un ethical work practice which saw me walk away. 

Came back to working onshore after nearly ten years Offshore. Re-discovered my creative side through Photography. 

I love what photography does for my Mind, and Soul. It is a truth to me, a way to capture and create and it is very pleasing and nourishing to me. 

What I have learnt, What I believe….

All our experiences are personal perceptions. One mans pain is another’s pleasure. I believe my experiences to have been my personal journey for the development of my self and for this body, I myself have shaped all that I came into contact with by my attitude toward it. This poses dilemmas in its self. Knowing I control (by virtue of my perception that which I experience)…. Caused me in turn to either feel good about something or bad. The problem with me is that I’m from fighting stock.. I’m a fighter, Mentally, spiritually and when situation imposed … Physically. I realised that those things I perceived could either be acted upon OR ignored, great if you have no Ethical or Moral foundation but! My Parents had schooled me well. I have Never been able to tolerate at any level…. any amount of “Wrongdoing” I can turn the other cheek but I have gone toe to toe with some Giants and Demons and always done the “Right thing” as taught to me by my Mum and Dad. 

I learnt very early in life that there are some VERY Bad people and that was NOT one of them. 

                What I believe

My beliefs are founded on a core principal “LOVE”, I love all that is dear to the Light, Love and Life of what is Truthfull and right. It is more than belief, the Japanese call it “Giri” or Duty but it is higher than this. Too many bad powers doing bad things it is important to protect the weak and just, support and keep watch. 

I believe in the Truth and values of honour and dignity in the face of the void. Nothing else matters but a true Mind, Body and spirit. 


11 thoughts on “About Steve Bradburn. 

  1. Maxime Pateau

    I like your style, some of your portraits are really great, full of ideas ! I discovered your work on youpic, I want to see more, see you soon on youpic, wordpress or anywhere else 😉 !

  2. Ally Sinclair

    It is a pleasure to have met you Steve, strong ethics and a good nature will stand you in good stead for life in front of you.
    Grab the bull by its horns and run with it, good luck to you shippers, in your future endevours.

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